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    The Ideal Countess

    “For a first ball, it was surpassing all of Alice’s expectations, which were quite considerable since she’d been hearing about the splendor of the Season for the entirety of her seventeen years.”Ah! That feeling when you read the first chapter of a new author’s book… a smile slowly creeps across your face and you think to yourself, “this is going to be good.” That was how my Monday evening started when I picked up The Ideal Countess by Katherine Grant. Alice enters her first Season with all the fervor of a young woman about to experience a whole new world of adulthood. She is excited by the idea of falling…

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    Five Tips For Using NetGalley

    So you want to review books before they are published, but have no clue how to get admission into the mystical world of free books. I have five tips on how to start getting approved to review books on NetGalley. First things first, set up for a successful profile. This is an extremely important step in how quickly you will start to be approved. You need to be short and concise getting across all the major points of why a publisher would want to give you a free ebook. The vital pieces of information you will want to include are… Your name and social media accounts. Publishers will often look…

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