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    The Earl Not Taken. An Interview with Author A.S. Fenichel

    When I saw a new Regency era romance series was coming out this year, I was so excited. I read The Earl Not Taken… and I was elated. I found a new author to love and a series that has me early awaiting each new book. I have now read three other A.S. Fenichel books. Her writing is refreshing and fun and beautifully tackles some difficult women’s issues. Thank you, A.S. Fenichel, so much for allowing me to interview you for the release of your new book! 1. When did you first feel the need to become a writer? In my early 20’s I started reading a lot when my…

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    A Girl Called Foote by A.E. Walnofer

    A must-read for all fans of Downton Abbey, A Girl Called foot is a masterful glimpse into the world below stairs and above. A.E. Walnofer gives readers that the feeling of both rich and poor equally having their own set of triumphs and heartaches. Young Jonathan Clyde causes mischief for everyone at Whitehall, the stately home of his privileged ancestors. As he matures, however, he comes to despise the vanity and conceit surrounding him. Misfortune requires Lydia Smythe, an exceptionally clever farmer’s daughter, to seek employment at Whitehall. As a parlor maid, she feels stifled and harried by those over her. Still, she refuses to relinquish her independent mind and…

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    The Ruin of Evangeline Jones

    Like a voice from beyond the grave, this book entranced me all the way to the last word! I am so excited to be sharing with you one of my favorite books of 2020. Thank you so much for stopping by! THE RUIN OF EVANGELINE JONESBY JULIA BENNET Alex Stanton just inherited a dukedom but his true passion is uncovering charlatans and frauds wherever he finds them. Spiritualist and medium Evangeline “Evie” Jones is the biggest fake of all and he’s determined to expose her lies for all of London to see. Her prim manner and ladylike airs don’t fool him. He sees the hunger beneath and recognizes a worthy opponent. He can’t deny the dark undercurrents of lust between them. Evie worked…

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