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    Flirtation and Folly

    A timeless story of self-realization while learning to navigate the shrewd world of polite society. Flirtation and Folly is a story that we can all identify with at some point in our life. Having dreams that you are made for more. Wanting to fit in with the “cool” kids. Wishing you were something other than what you are. No matter your history, we can all identify with Marianne. If you read this for a romance, it might leave you wanting a bit more. There is a touch of romance but it was much less than I was expecting. However, as a story of self awaking it uniquely shows Marinanne’s transformation…

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    The Tobacconist’s Wife

    A truly emotional read, The Tobacconist’s Wife is an epic story of second chances and holding fast to the belief that love conquers all. For any one that enjoys a romance that gives you hope that soul mates will find each other, this is your book! There is a trigger warning needed for abuse -so be warned before you read if that is an issue for you. However, this does play a crucial part in the story. Once again, we realize how little choice Victorian women had in choosing their own path. Marriage did not always bring love and happiness but it could provide security -sometimes a very high cost.…

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    The Gentleman And The Thief

    Welcome back, book friends! I have had to look at the calendar three times today to confirm it is indeed November. I’m not sure how we got here, but I do know there are more fantastic books releasing that we need to talk about. Today I’m very excited to be featuring The Gentleman And The Thief. If you are looking to breathe a little fresh air into your historical fiction reading -this book will do it! Included in the story are alternating chapters of two penny dreadfuls. Is there anything better than stories inside a story? I think not (ok, maybe letters are a tie). A standalone novel in The…

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