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All That This Entails

What is your go-to comfort read? My comfort read of 2020 has been any story with Fitzwilliam Darcy as one of the main characters. Admittedly, I quite new to Jane Austen Fan Fiction. But, I fell fast and hard.

As I was reaching for to Austen more and more this year, I realized there was a whole world I had yet to explore with more Austen-goodness to read. This Pride & Prejudice did not disappoint!

In a twist of fate, Mr. Bennet is now titled and wealthier than Mr. Darcy. The story picks up after Elizabeth has rejected Mr. Darcy’s -ahem- less than romantic proposal. What unfolds next is simply a beautifully long wooing of a man in love with a woman.

I found both Elizabeth and Darcy in this story to be very likable characters. What really won me over was this new, modest, and dare I say even a slightly unsure Darcy. The side story of Jane and Mr. Bingley was also fantastic. I highly recommend All That This Entails, even if you haven’t previously read Austen Fan Fiction. We could all use a little more Darcy in 2020.

I am the daughter of a Duke!

ELIZABETH BENNET COULD SCARCELY CREDIT THE NEWS when a letter sent to her father, from relations she did not know existed, informed them that untimely and unfortunate events would result in Mr Bennet inheriting the dukedom of Everard. In the blink of an eye, the Bennets’ lives are transformed— Elizabeth and her four sisters are wealthy, titled, and the talk of the ton

AT PEMBERLEY, FITZWILLIAM DARCY is still stinging from Elizabeth Bennet’s rejection of him at Hunsford when he learns the extraordinary news. Elizabeth Bennet—now Lady Elizabeth—has been elevated in an extraordinary fashion and is soon to become the most sought-after lady of the season. 

But Darcy’s heart still belongs to her, as much as it ever did, and he sets off for London determined to win her hand. But can he prove to her that he has changed, particularly when her entire life has just altered? 

This Pride & Prejudice variation is a novel-length tale using the characters of Jane Austen in a story of the author’s imagining. 

Noell Chesney

Author Bio

Noell Chesney’s childhood love of reading lead to an introduction as a young woman to the works of Jane Austen. The second of four sisters, though no fear of starving in the hedgerows, resulted in a special affinity for Elizabeth Bennet. After reading numerous works of fanfiction by other authors, a decision to try her hand at composing her own story was born. Noell Chesney has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado. She enjoys cooking, boating, camping, and of course reading. She and her husband, Benjamin, live in Highlands Ranch, CO with their three children and two dogs.

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Melissa has been in love with books since she was a child. As a young girl, in her Holly Hobby decorated room, she would sit and tape scraps of paper to her books so that she could organize them by the Dewey Decimal System. She is a huge advocate for helping children learn to love reading. Along with hosting an online Regency based book club and a book club at her home, she started a book club for kids at her son’s school. These days, Melissa can be found at the library writing a book review or tucked in some quiet corner having a love affair with a newly discovered romance novel.


  • buturot

    Thank you for your post. We do need a littlemore Darcy every year 😉

    Anyway, eager to know how the Bennet ladies (including Mrs Bennet) behave now that they are titled and rich. Also wonder if Caroline will push Mr. Bingley now towards Jane’s direction?

    Thank you for the give away


      Just picture Mrs. Bennet finding out she has money… I won’t say any more until you read the book. 🙂
      You can never have too much Darcy. Thank you for taking the time to check out today’s post.

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