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January 2021 Reading Recap

Welcome, fellow readers! Well, I think 2021 started quite the same as 2020 wrapped up -staying at home, being safe, and masking up. Although there is plenty to not like about what is keeping up at home, I have tried to find some positives in the new pace of life.

As you know if you are regular here, I took a dive headfirst into Jane Austen fan fiction this past year. It was exactly what I needed for comfort reads during a stressful year. I made it one of my goals for this year to keep reading more JAFF. Be prepared to see lots more Austen on here! If you haven’t check out the Chawton House website yet, I encourage you to do so by clicking here.

To-do lists and goals are the only way that I keep myself focus throughout the day. Last year I set a goodreads goal (which I think more people exceeded their reading expectations once the pandemic hit). This year, I thought I would set some more specific goals to try to hit each month. Here are the goals I set…

  • Read 1 new to me author
  • Read 1 Georgette Heyer book
  • Read 2 Kindle Unlimited books
  • Read 1 nonfiction
  • Read 1 Jane Austen fan fiction

Hmmmm. Now that I’m looking back at my goals, I think I missed the mark a bit this first month. But that’s ok. I will try to regroup next month. I checked off a new to me author, two kindle unlimited books, a Jane Austen fan fiction -but missed the Heyer and nonfiction. All is not lost though. I still read some fantastic books. Ok, on to what I read for the month of January.

This was an amazing story to start the year off. It steers WAY off cannon with a reimagining with Mrs. Darcy being alive. This story jumps back and forth through generations of the Darcy family and weaved the lives of characters into each other like an intricate tapestry. Elizabeth Adams is a fantastic writer. I highly recommend this book. (Be warned -I was sitting on my couch sobbing when I finished this book.)

I love books that really make you question your moral standing and Fallen does just that. Jessie Lewis is brilliant at crafting stories that really push you to question the characters you know and love (or at least you thought you did). This book is also a highly recommend by me! You can read a recent interview I did with Jessie here.

Omg! There was so much to love about this book. First off, I really enjoyed the uniqueness of Lord Eastwood being a divorcee in 1814. Oh, the scandal!!! Faith, the heroine, is a painter who works for her father who has been commissioned by Lord Eastwood’s mother to paint a family portrait. Cue the sexual tension. Highly recommend the Harlequin gem by Virginia Heath.

It was all for show…

But now are they are really falling in love

The second book in the Isle of Synne series by Christina Britton, this book nails the fake engagement trope. I really feel for the main characters in this book. They have fantastic chemistry. I think Britton has really hit her stride as a writer and I can’t wait to continue reading this series.

We are now on book three of the WallFlowers of West Lane series by A.S. Fenichel. I know if you follow me on Instagram you are thinking, yes, we know, you freaking love this series… and you would be right! If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. Fenichel has written quite a few book and I loved every one of her books I have read. (she even writes in genres other than Regency)

Beginning Again…

If you enjoy a bit of angst and suspense, this is your book! Elaine’s strength of plot and dialogue really shines through. I must admit I thought for sure I knew who was plotting the drama that was happening, but I was wrong. I was shook when the wrap up came. This is another fantastic JAFF!

Lovers’ Meeting is a series of misadventures that has the reader holding their breath believing that fate will always bring Elizabeth and Darcy together. If you have every watch the Kate Beckinsale, John Cusack movie Serendipity, this very much has the same feeling. Too lovers not to be held apart forever. Stay tuned for a blog review coming in just a few days.

A Life Tinged By Ruin…

A Past Marred By Mutiny.

Congratulations to Daria for her debut novel! I was so intrigued by the cover of this book that I had to read it. The cover does play into the story quite a bit. Set in the 1780’s this book has a modernized old-school feel. It has a broody hero, a strong, defiant heroine and lots of action and adventure. If you enjoy steamy midnight romps outdoors, only one bed, and enemies to lovers, this book has you covered!

Well, that wraps up the month of January. I really excited to see what book I read in February! Did we read any of the same books? Do you have anything that you would recommend for me to check out? I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Happy reading, Melissa

Melissa has been in love with books since she was a child. As a young girl, in her Holly Hobby decorated room, she would sit and tape scraps of paper to her books so that she could organize them by the Dewey Decimal System. She is a huge advocate for helping children learn to love reading. Along with hosting an online Regency based book club and a book club at her home, she started a book club for kids at her son’s school. These days, Melissa can be found at the library writing a book review or tucked in some quiet corner having a love affair with a newly discovered romance novel.

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