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Lakeshire Park Book Review

An absolute must-read for any Jane Austen fan! Megan Walker’s debut novel Lakeshire Park has just enough whispering of Darcy and Elizabeth to leave me begging for more. From the first page, I was entranced. I didn’t just want to see what happened in the story. No. I needed to see what lie ahead for Amelia and her younger sister Clara. I’m pretty sure by the weird look my cat gave me when I closed the book, I gave an audible sigh of contentment at the end. 

“You are being impertinent. I do not know you at all, sir. And honestly, after this interaction, I do not wish to.” -Lakeshire Park

Amelia and her sister Clara’s mother has passed away and they now live with their step-father. He makes it clear to them -daily- that he only keeps them around because of his promise to their mother. He will do nothing to show them any kindness. Now that he is dying, Amelia knows they will be left penniless once he is gone. 

Thankfully, Amelia had been able to beg her step-father to give the sisters one season.  It looked as if their luck had run out until Clara received an invitation to visit Sir Ronald Demsworth of Hampton. Perhaps their future could be secured after all!

From a tense meeting in a little shop to ending up at Lakeshire Park, Amelia and Mr. Peter Wood seem to be at odds from the moment they met. Peter is there to accompany his sister Georgiana -who happens to be smitten with Sir Ronald. Amelia is there to accompany her sister -who happens to be smitten with Sir Ronald. 

Peter offers Amelia a deal – they both stay out of their sister’s way and let fate takes its course. But, in order for him to keep the deal, she owes him time spent together every afternoon of their stay. What fresh hell has she entered now?

Through twist and turns, hilarity and high-jinx, will these two enemies be able to become friends? Or does loyalty to your family always come first?

“Love was bliss. And I never wanted it to end.” -Lakeshire Park

Ok, I have to admit when I first read this, I wasn’t sure it was going to impress me. If you have been reading my reviews for a while, you know that I don’t typically review clean romance. But, I will be the first to admit, if the story is well written, that is what is most important. And, Wow! This story knocked me right onto my fainting couch! 

It is not easy to strike a balance between historical accuracy in the Regency era and telling a story that will hold the interest of modern readers. I believe Lakeshire Park weaves the two together like a symphony. It really lends to the Regency feeling when it is mentioned in the story who the chaperone of the is. You really get that feeling of the true lack of privacy afforded young people. 

A young woman’s reputation is really highlighted throughout the book. You really get a feel for how important it was for couples to adhere to all the societal rules of propriety. Once ruined, there was no going back. So many books today writing in a Regency era setting, fail to really show the gravity of impropriety. I found myself holding my breath as I was reading because I was so worried about the character’s reputation in different situations.

I absolutely adored this book. It will be one of those books that I go back to again and again for a comfort read. A huge thank you to Austenprose, Shadow Mountain Publishing, and Megan Walker for letting me be apart of this blog tour.

Lakeshire Park 

by Megan Walker

Publication Date: 4/7/20 Paperback

ISBN: 9781629727349

Retail Price: $15.99 Page Count: 320

Proper Romance / Regency

Book Design: © Shadow Mountain

Cover Art: Lee Avison/Trevillion Images; Abigail Miles/Arcangel

Art Direction: Richard Erickson Design: Heather G. Ward

About the Author:

MEGAN WALKER was raised on a berry farm in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, where her imagination took her to times past and worlds away. While earning her degree in Early Childhood Education at Brigham Young University, she married her one true love and started a family. But her imaginings wouldn’t leave her alone, so she picked up a pen, and the rest is history. She lives in St. Louis with her husband and three children.


Praise for Lakeshire Park

“…readers will find it easy to invest in practical, business-minded Amelia as she learns to follow her heart. This gentle love story is a treat.”—Publisher’s Weekly 

“An immersive drama…Walker effortlessly amplifies the decorum of Regency England with chic wit and delightful characters.”—Booklist

“Charming, beautifully written, and hopelessly romantic. Sure to be a new favorite.”—Julianne Donaldson, best-selling author of Edenbrooke

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