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Pride & Prejudice

Welcome fellow reader!

April is going to be an exciting month of Jane Austen awesomeness. I hope you will join us as we turn Pride & Prejudice into a month-long celebration. If you are looking for a first copy or you are wanting to add a special edition to your collection, I’m here to offer a few selections that have caught my eye.

“There is no enjoyment like reading!”

~Jane Austen

Let’s start out with the special edition by Barbara Heller. This is the must-have Pride & Prejudice copy for any reader looking for not just a book but an experience. This curated book includes nineteen letters for the characters’ correspondence. Each letter was written and folded by hand. This might be my favorite Austen book in my collection. I am so excited that Barbara will be joining us in April to talk about the making of her unique book.

The next edition I would recommend is one that I have been eyeing up for the last year. Every time I see someone on bookstagram make a post with one of the gorgeous Penguin cloth bound edition Jane Austen novels, I want to immediately run and purchase them all. They will for sure be on my birthday list this year.

The last edition that I am currently coveting is the gorgeous illustrated copy by Danish artist Marjolein Bastin. This gorgeous edition reminds me of my childhood room with Holly Hobby wallpaper and lilac colored bedsheets. Do you enjoy illustrated copies of your favorite books?

Will you be grabbing a copy for the read-along? Or do you have a well-worn copy at the ready? I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you.

You can grab the reading schedule here.

Melissa has been in love with books since she was a child. As a young girl, in her Holly Hobby decorated room, she would sit and tape scraps of paper to her books so that she could organize them by the Dewey Decimal System. She is a huge advocate for helping children learn to love reading. Along with hosting an online Regency based book club and a book club at her home, she started a book club for kids at her son’s school. These days, Melissa can be found at the library writing a book review or tucked in some quiet corner having a love affair with a newly discovered romance novel.


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