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Spies of Our Acquaintance

French spies in Meryton!

Can the beloved characters of Pride and Prejudice “keep calm and carry on”

when Napoleon’s war comes to their neighborhood?

After Mr Darcy apologizes for insulting her at the Meryton Assembly, Elizabeth Bennet begins to see another side to the gentleman she has sworn to hate forever. As their acquaintance grows into friendship, Elizabeth finds herself intrigued by this man from Derbyshire.

Darcy, meanwhile, cannot stop thinking about Miss Elizabeth. After the nefarious Wickham appears in Meryton, Darcy resolves to warn her of the man’s previous offenses. Matters become more urgent when Wickham proves to be involved in espionage for the French!

When Darcy and Elizabeth are captured by a French spy, they must work together to find a means of escape. With reputations and hearts at risk, what consequences will result from their perilous adventure?

This novella is an absolute gem! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Some of the highlights for me were…

~ Mr Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship… with a twist

~ Action-filled plot

~ A Wickham that you morally conflicted

~ Spies

I, without hesitation, recommend this fun, fast-paced novella. Brigid really brought this Pride and Prejudice variation to life! Do you enjoy novellas? Leave me a comment letting me know your opinion on the matter.

The novella, Spies of Our Acquaintance, may be purchased on Amazon US and Amazon UK. It is available as an eBook, a Paperback, and through Kindle Unlimited. The audiobook, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman, should be released in six to eight weeks.

About the Author:

Brigid Huey has been in love with Jane Austen since first seeing the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice as a young girl. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids and spends her free time reading and writing. She also has an assortment of birds, including five chickens and too many parakeets. She dreams of living on a farm where she can raise as many chickens, ducks, and goats as she likes and write romance novels in an airy study overlooking the wildflowers.

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Instagram:  @brigidhueywrites 


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