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    I have had a greatly reading streak of late. Don’t you just love it when you segue from one good book to another! There are just so many great books out there to read. Here are quick reviews of a couple of my favorites from the last few weeks. Heartbreakingly beautiful, A Wilful Misunderstanding is a reminder that love is never easy but true love is always worth fighting for. A Wilful Misunderstanding: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Amy D’Orazio My rating: 5 of 5 stars A heartwrenching story that leaves you wondering… can love truly conquer all? From the first few chapters of the story, I was hooked!…

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    8 Inexpensive E-books For Romance Lovers

    Since we all have a bit of extra time on our hands, I thought some budget-friendly book recommendations were much needed. In case you hadn’t heard, Amazon is offering free Kindle Unlimited for the next two months. Even without KU these books are awesome deals! If you aren’t an e-book fan, I would still highly recommend each of these books. Paullett Golden has stolen my heart. From the moment I read her first book The Earl and The Enchantress, I know I had found MY author. Every book of hers has kept me up way too late -and I don’t mind one bit. The Enchantress series is my top suggestion to…

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    Three Book Recommendations To Help Make Moving Easier

    “We have to move.” Those four little words can create such a world of stress and uncertainty. But, I’m here to help. As a self-proclaimed expert mover (My husband, son and I have moved to 5 different states in 8 years), I’m here to offer three book suggestions. These three books have helped keep me sane through so many moves.  There are some steps you can take to keep your life in order so that if the need to move arises, it won’t feel like such a monumental task. And the bonus part… even if you never move, your house will be clean and organized. Win-Win!  Minimalism. It seems like…

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