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Welcome to The Literary Assistant. A place where authors can find virtual assistance while writing their next best seller.

Hello! My name is Melissa. I’m a book blogger with a passion for reading. I can typically be found talking about books, posting about books, or writing about books–all done with a cup of tea beside me. One of my other favorite hobbies is interviewing authors. I love to understand the thought process behind the words on the page. I quickly learned there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes on top of writing a story. That’s why I’m here to help!

My goal is to create customizable assistance for authors. We all know that every book is its own special masterpiece. Each one has its own unique market, and my job is to help you maximize your exposure within that market to your full potential. If there is a service you need help with, and it is not listed, feel free to send me a message, and we can talk.

I look forward to working with you! -Melissa

Make your book launch successful and less stressful by using a book cover trailer and animated images custom-designed for you. Need to set up your own blog tour? Get a custom blog tour graphic. Don’t want to spend time doing the tedious task of setting up a Rafflecopter giveaway? No problem! Feeling lost as to what you should be posting on social media? (Hint–it isn’t non-stop pictures of your book). Follow a 30-day social media post plan customized just for you!

As a book club host, this package is near and dear to my heart. Nothing gets people talking about your book faster than a bunch of friends reading it together. The Book Club Kit is designed to be used as a giveaway for multi-book purchases. Gift it to libraries so they will purchase your books for a book club night. Offer it to book clubs online and do an author Q & A. The possibilities are endless to get people talking about how much fun they had discussing your book! You can check out a sample here.

Feeling overwhelmed with all that you have on your to-do list? Is your deadline looming closer and closer? I’m here to help. Together we can make it happen!


Build a connection with your audience over similar interest. Like tea!

Melissa, The Literary Assistant, is an absolute joy to work with and brilliant at her craft! With her background as a book club hostess and professional book reviewer, she knows what authors need to better reach their audience. She’s created social media reels for me, cover reveal teasers, book club kits to increase engagement, and more. She’s irreplaceable and incomparable! I recommend her services, skills, and expertise

Paullett (author)
Marketing with Advance Praise

“Melissa is a joy to work with as she has an excellent understanding of the online literary world, not only having the ability to come up with inspiring, creative ideas, but the know-how to implement them as well. Melissa is helpful, encouraging and has spot on instincts as to what will work for her authors in terms of their marketing and social media needs. She is the perfect literary assistant if you’re looking for someone to lighten your load and I highly recommend her and her bouquet of bespoke services.”

-Alissa Baxter (author)
Market your book with an enticing visual.
Capture potential readers with background that pertains to the book
Present a visually stunning social media presence.
Promote your book with a stunning trailer.

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