TV on mobile: programs to view channels on Android

Mobile gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, and people use them to communicate with friends and family, read the news, and watch movies, TV shows, and television channels. In this article, we would like to tell you about one of the most common genres of mobile software, such as the application for watching TV channels on Android devices.

Impact of Google OS

Android is one of the most widespread operating systems for mobile devices. According to statistics, more than 75% of mobile devices worldwide operate on Android, making it the most popular platform for mobile software development. So, today, you can find on Google Play many programs to view TV channels through devices on Android. In this article, we would like to describe several of them.


This TV channel viewer plays video content online on any mobile device. This program supports over 10000 channels in different countries and has a simple and user-friendly interface.


This is another popular program with TV channels for Android devices, and it has more than 200 channels you can watch online. This program will give you a convenient interface and offer professional sorting of content in news, sports, and music categories.


Filmy4wap is another exciting program for Android. Here, all users will see a large selection of TV channels and can watch their favorite programs, including those that have a live broadcast. Also, movies and entertainment shows, cartoons, sports events, and news are among them. Filmy4wap has a built-in video player, but you can use the settings and enable video streaming via an external player.


In addition, many cable and satellite TV providers also provide their programs to customers. Among them is the famous TV Xfinity, which will give you a unique branded software called Xfinity Stream, which will provide you with access to more than 200 channels on mobile devices that operate on Android. You can start Android apps free download from memorable online catalogs.

ОРТ Player

This is software for OPT channels. It will help you watch live broadcasts and recordings on ORT, and this program has many other functions, such as protecting TV programs and managing records.


This general application will help you watch TV on your mobile device. MobiTV has more than 300 channels, allowing you to watch them online and record them on your device for subsequent playback. This software will show you a simple and user-friendly design. Also, it will help you choose content by category, which includes news, sports, and entertainment.

The functionality of TV programs

Some programs support transmission recording. This is very convenient if the user cannot watch his favorite show live. However, now he can record it on a tablet or smartphone to watch it later when he has free time. In addition, many such programs offer the opportunity to watch recordings of past programs. This can be useful if the user has missed something exciting or wants to watch it again.

Also, those programs that transform a smartphone or tablet into a TV can consume internet traffic. So, if you plan to use such programs on your mobile device, you can ensure that the internet tariff you use provides a lot of gigabytes. The point is that it will help you avoid the fact that, in the process, you will not exceed the internet limit and will have to pay extra money.